Product Range Overview
Size : 0.01 ct to 1.00 ct
Shapes : We specialize mainly in Rounds, Princess, Cushions & we also deal in other fancy shapes like Pear, Oval, Marquise, Heart, Emerald, Square Emerald, Asscher, Square Radiant, Long Radiant and Trillion
Colour : D to M
Clarity : IF to I2
Cut : High standards of Cut, Polish & Symmetry

The cut and polish refers to the proportions finished, symmetry and polish of the diamonds These factors determine the intensity and brilliance of a diamond. A well-cut diamond is proportioned, symmetrical, and polished; these types of diamond. Well- Cut diamonds sell at a premium and poorly out diamonds are sell at discounted prices.

Customer Demands

We have seen with our experience that customers have frequent requirements for diamonds of specific criteria and accordingly we have provided a service called 'Customer Demands', Where we are trying to satisfy the customers with their recurrent and continuous demands for diamonds by providing a facility to submit their specific demands using a wide range of parameter criteria.

It is a service in which customer can submit their demands, and an auto email facility is provided by which whenever their required goods are added or reflected in our stock, an email consisting detail of those goods will reach to the customer.

Cut And Polished Diamonds

'Cut and Polished Diamonds' is our self developed concept of expressing each diamond's characteristics individually on its packet with their maximum grading details provided by the different labs accurately printed on it.
This distinct concept reduces our customer's efforts in selecting their desired diamonds among the multiple and also increases our own efficiency in managing our big inventory.